Digital Poetics - An Exploration of digital multimedia poetry

What happens to a poem when it is lifted from the page and transported to the computer? We have heard poems recited and sung; we have seen them illustrated; but what happens when a poem becomes a dynamic event, recited or sung, illustrated and animated - a simultaneous seduction of the senses - a multimedia manifestation of what would have been static lines on a page.For my thesis project, I plan to explore the rendition of poetry through the digital medium.

Preliminary experiments: Created using Macromedia Flash 4.0.
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Verse 1 - a first attempt


AfterWord -zipped (windows)       Afterword-stuffed (mac)
(download the zipped/stuffed files; its faster)

Digitally, a poem can inhabit a virtual space that one can hear and see, but not touch. The virtual poem transcends the static 'poem on a page'; it provides the poet with a tool other than language - a versatile, dynamic medium that stimulates the senses of sight and sound, and possesses the quality of immersiveness.

By proposing multimedia poetry, or virtual poetry, as I have been calling it, I am looking not towards transposing from print to digital, but towards creating a unique and wholesome piece,where the poem is not embellished by the digital medium, but exists because of it and through it. In the same way that the words of a song can never be torn from the way they are sung, a virtual poem with its accompanying media ( sound, pictures etc.) is an entirely different entity when it is stripped of its multimedia content.

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