An affordable, enterprise-class solution for secure sharing of electronic data  

SGC FileShare™ is a powerful web-based technology running on a web server. The server acts as the staging area where files can be accessed (stored and retrieved.) This software presents a web-based interface to the user and allows the user to securely upload, download, and browse available files.

  • Secure : SGC FileShare™ uses the strongest security protocol and encryption available to protect important data - and assures that the sender(s) and receiver(s) of the information are authenticated as well.
  • Affordable : SGC FileShare™ pricing makes it affordable to use - from large organizations needing the power of the Enterprise Edition to small businesses or individuals needing occasional file sharing.
  • Limitless : SGC FileShare™allows organizations to easily send, receive, and share files without the constraints of the number of files transmitted, file size, or type of file. SGC FileShare™ allows for the transmission of virtually any file type - visual, audio, algorithmic, medical, etc. SGC FileShare™ can be used by any number of authenticated users and accessed by any number of authorized receivers.
  • Reliable : SGC FileShare™ assures that files are transmitted to as many individuals and organizations as necessary and when needed, making certain that the information sent and received is protected and correct.
  • Easy : SGC FileShare™ is simple to setup and use. Our Enterprise Edition can be integrated with existing IT systems, customized for special authentication needs, etc. The Small Business Edition and the Consumer Service fit the needs of the smaller user perfectly.